Informal Learning

One of the areas I plan to specialise in is the area of informal learning, which I believe a lot of organisations could use to optimise their training budgets.

I put together this presentation recently to introduce a potential client to informal learning and the opportunities offered by social networking tools.

Social Media and its Role in Informal Learning (for Dummies)

Slide Descriptions and Acknowledgements

Slide 1 – Title Slide – Social Media and its role in Informal Learning by David Wills
Inspired by a module in the online Theoretical Basis of Learning offered by the Training Foundation.

Slide 2 – Objectives

Slide 3 – Content:

  • Traditional Training Function
  • Informal Learning Paradox
  • Social Media’s Role in Informal Learning
  • Most Popular Social Media Tools

Slide 4 – Traditionally, the training function was all about organising structured i.e. formal learning events such as lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences. Obviously these can be costly and time-consuming to organise and rely on having suitably qualified/experienced individual(s) to facilitate.

Slide 5 – Technology Used. Jay Cross makes this point about traditional technology in this Youtube video:

Slide 6 – from the same video.

Slide 7 – quote from Donald H Taylor Image seen on Facebook but seems to have come from

Slide 8 – Social Web – For full breakdown of ways in which learners are using social media tools visit

Slide 9 – I invented a fun little game around this topic to get people thinking about the most useful social media. Contact me for details.

Slides 10 and 11 – Results of survey relating to most popular tools for learning 2012. Since uploading this presentation this morning this survey has been usurped by the 2013 version (great timing!!). See latest results here:

Slide 12 – some useful links, some courtesy of Sharon Litterick at the Training Foundation.


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